About Ditch Your Desk

I am passionate about living a life of freedom.  The internet has changed everything. Anybody can become an entrepreneur. On DYD, I share with you the thoughts, lessons and strategies I’ve used to build an online empire and a pretty freaking sweet fucking life along the way. My goal is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools, tactics, and know-how needed to grow an online venture into a successful business that can support a life of freedom.

The Ditch Your Desk Mission…

I love to travel and I’ve been on the road for over a decade. Today, I am based in Bali where I am living a truly blessed life and currently building a huge co-working hostel. It was not however always like this. 

I slept rough on the side of the road many times, I dumpster-dived, hitchhiked and worked all kinds of random jobs. It was an incredible experience that taught me a lot. I learned the value of bringing goods from A to B, selling leather satchels from India at festivals in the UK. I taught myself how to trade cryptocurrency. I started blogging. I maxed out every credit card I was able to get my hands on. I was totally broke whilst trying to scale The Broke Backpacker, my one million visitors a month travel blog. I am NOT an influencer. I’m not trying to sell you a course. I am however passionate about entrepreneurship and Ditch Your Desk is a place where I can blog about habit stacking, online strategies, investment opportunities and, well, basically… whatever the fuck I find interesting every third Tuesday. 

Over the last few years, I’ve launched over a dozen different businesses and had some epic wins and disastorous failures. I have learnt a lot, and DYD is where I share some of those lessons. 

Ultimately, I’m just a normal dude who has accomplished all this with zero funding and nothing but blood, sweat, and tears.

On my journey, I’ve hit the lowest of lows, working 80 hours a week, living off of peanut butter and noodles. I’ve battled bankruptcy, credit card debt, flawed strategies, mental breakdowns and crippling disbelief. 

Building an online income so you can travel the world is the dream. But it doesn’t come easy. Many entrepreneurs experience uncertainty, fear, and one hell of a learning curve on their journey.

You might be wondering where to start. Perhaps you already have taken the first steps but you’re feeling overwhelmed?

This is exactly why I launched Ditch Your Desk. This blog exists to empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to begin your journey . I am PASSIONATE about efficiency, I am in fact a huge productivity nerd, and this blog is where I share what does and doesn’t work in the world of online business. 

So join me as I share with you how I launched new ventures, traveled through close to a hundred countries, sealed deals, conquered mountains, and have evolved as an entrepreneur. I know what does, and doesn’t, work when building an online income. Growing an online income is challenging; it can be overwhelming, frustrating, and intimidating. But the pain is totally worth the gain.

“Be one with the Hustle….”