The Ditch Your Desk Mission....

DYD is the passion project of Will Hatton of The Broke Backpacker and Aaron Radcliffe of Nomads Nation.

Our mission is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools, tactics and know-how needed to grow an online venture into a successful business that can support a life of freedom.

Life is too fucking short to trade your time for money.

Be your own boss.


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What Makes Us Different to
Other Entrepreneurs?

"We love to travel. This entrepreneurial journey began out of our desire to keep traveling the world and to fund a lifestyle of adventure..."

In late 2016, Will and Aaron had never met. We were backpacking the world, starting our own online ventures.

Will was totally broke and hustling hard to scale The Broke Backpacker. Aaron ended up in Hong Kong, teaching English while growing his businesses.

Recognising each other's skill sets, we joined forces.

The world would never be the same.

(... just kidding)

Over the course of two years, we've launched numerous ventures, had some epic wins, and scaled a modest travel blog into a $30K a month empire.

We're just two normal dudes who have accomplished this with zero funding and nothing but blood, sweat and tears.

On our journey, we've hit the lowest of lows, working 80 hours a week, living off of peanut butter and noodles.

We've battled bankruptcy, credit card debt, flawed strategies, haters and disbelievers.

You too are probably familiar with these challenges.

Building an online income so you can travel the world is the dream. But it doesn't come easy.

Many entrepreneurs experience uncertainty, fear and one hell of a learning curve on their journey.

You might be wondering where to start. Perhaps you already have taken the first steps but you're feeling overwhelmed?

This is exactly why we launched Ditch Your Desk.

We exist to empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to take your income to the next level.

Because you need to understand.... the rewards are fucking epic.

Over the last two years, we've launched new ventures, traveled through a dozen countries, sealed deals, conquered mountains and have evolved as entrepreneurs. 

We know what does, and doesn't, work when building an online income.

Growing an online income is challenging. It can be overwhelming, frustrating and intimidating.

But the pain is totally worth the gain.


Join our tribe of hustlers


Founder of The Broke Backpacker, Will has been traveling the world for nearly ten years. With a passion for hustle and entrepreneurship, he firmly believes that true freedom can only be achieved when working for yourself.

Over the last three years Will has experimented with numerous online models and strategies in his quest to earn enough money online to be truly free. 

Ditch Your Desk is the ultimate resource centre for fellow entrepreneurs, crafted with intel and case studies from these experiments. Will aims to teach 1000 people to Ditch their Desks, earn money online and live a life of real freedom...


Founder of Uptomized and Nomads Nation, Aaron Radcliffe has been working behind the scenes on various websites for five years and on The Broke Backpacker since 2018. 

A world traveler turned entrepreneur, Aaron lead and failed at many attempts to make money online before discovering his true passion for optimization and growth. Now he is traveling the world, and sharing what has worked to inspire more people to carve their own path in life.

Passionate about SEO and CRO, Aaron focuses his time experimenting with growth hacking and sharing it on Ditch Your Desk. He's also awesome at doing handstands and quoting 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'.

"Be one with the Hustle...."