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Ahoy there!

I’m Will, founder of Ditch Your Desk and traveling tramp for the last ten years. I have a passion for hustle, entrepreneurship and building habits. I firmly believe that true freedom can only be achieved when working for yourself.

Over the last five years, I have experimented with numerous online models and strategies in my quest to earn enough money online to live the life I want. 

Ditch Your Desk is the ultimate free resource centre for fellow entrepreneurs, crafted with intel and case studies from these experiments. I aim to teach 1000 people to Ditch their Desks, earn money online and live a life of real freedom… But hell, I’m busy, so we only do ONE blog post a month, trust me though – each one is gold.

Where to Start on DYD

Don’t know where to begin your journey? Start with one of the following topics! These are my favorite (and most important) things to talk about first…

Looking to optimize your website and rocket past the competition to position #1 on Google? Enter my secret lab and I’ll share some of what I know on how to build sites, maximise your revenue and generate traffic through SEO.

If you truly want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to be constantly learning, experimenting and working on yourself as a person. Here, I speak about what it takes to do all this and handle the grind at the same time.

Some might call my story a “rags to riches” type. Indeed, I started out hustling and, although I still hustle to this day, I’m not selling shirts at festivals anymore. Find out how I became successful entrepreneur in this special post.

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