10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

Awesome Reasons You Should Start a Blog
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I wrote my first blog post in September 2014.

I had no idea at the time but this was the first step on what was to be a very long journey, a journey which would truly change my life forever.

Starting my travel blog was one of the most important moments in my life so far.

Starting a blog is easy, you can do it in under an hour. 

Turning a blog into a fully functioning business that can support your lifestyle, now that takes significantly longer than an hour.

I’m never going to lie to you guys about the difficulty and challenges of turning a blog into your sole source of income. The truth is that it’s hard and you’re unlikely to succeed if your concept of working hard is throwing twenty uncoordinated hours at your blog a week.

However, if you’re willing to work hard, to plan for your success and to actively focus on being in the top 5% in your niche, you can succeed.

And let me tell you amigos, success is fucking sweet.

Running a successful blog opens up numerous opportunities and truly does allow you to live the dream – to earn money whilst you travel the world.

I honestly believe that starting a blog is one of the best moves that any aspiring digital nomad can make and this is because nothing offers a crash course in online entrepreneurship like blogging.

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If you start a blog, you will learn about so many different things and these lessons are powerful. In many ways, blogging is the best introduction to trying to earn money online, here are ten reasons why you should start a blog…

#1 Blogging can be a lot of fun

There’s nothing like taking ownership of something for yourself.

Before I started blogging, I had no idea that it could actually be fun to work! I had worked so many truly terrible jobs that the idea of looking forward to work was totally alien to me.

Now, I actually love waking up each morning and throwing myself back into the fray!

There is always something new to learn and having a blog allows you to network with many cool and inspiring people and to find your tribe.

I enjoy helping others grow their online ventures, I love writing and checking my passive income streams and I like managing my own time, setting my own goals and incentivising myself with rewards I actually want (rather than the $20 gift card offered to employee of the week in my last shit job).

And since I earn a passive income, I can camp out on the beach and KNOW my site is making money in the background...

#2 You can provide mad value

Did you know that the number of Google searches is increasing every day? That’s right – every single day Google processes 500 million new searches that it has never seen before.

And that’s pretty damn exciting…

As bloggers, you have an amazing opportunity to share whatever the hell you want with the world.

But let me tell you a secret…

It’s the blogs that solve problems, answer questions, offer walkthroughs and provide mad value that succeed and ultimately stick around.

My content on Pakistan helped open up the country and arm travelers with the info they needed to explore this magical land...

The internet is like the universe itself, it’s constantly expanding – this means there is no shortage of opportunities for you to write posts that matter, for you to inspire, to inform and to educate your audience on whatever it is they are searching for.

As bloggers, we have an amazing opportunity to help people! And that’s a good thing…

It is often a kind email or comment from one of my readers, telling me that I have helped them, that spurs me on to continue working my ass off and to provide my audience with the best possible resources that I am able to put together.

#3 It's Cheap to Get Started!

You can start a blog for less than $100 a year.

Blogging has one of the lowest barriers to entry out of any online entrepreneur path and if you’re looking to Ditch Your Desk and work for yourself but you have very limited funds with which to take the plunge, blogging is your most accessible option.

You can host your blog for just $2.95 a month on Bluehost (exclusive for DYD readers) and if you buy 12 months of hosting at once you’ll receive your domain name (which is worth $15 a year) for free.

Get started by checking out this post all about how to start your first website.

#4 The Blogging Community is Epic

I’ve made a lot of amigos through The Broke Backpacker.

My best friend Aaron and fellow blogger first reached out to me at The Broke Backpacker a couple of years back and we never would have met if we had not been in the same space and looking for others to crush it with.


You’ll meet a lot of cool people through your blog, both readers or colleagues.

#5 Blogging will teach you many new skills

To start a blog is to embark on the ultimate crash course into what does and doesn’t work online. You’ll learn how to get a website up and running, how to write content that converts, how to network, pitch, negotiate and hustle.

You’ll learn how to move around the backend of a website, how to monetise your content, how to write email newsletters, how to drive traffic through social media, how to optimise your website for Google, how to build links, how to hire and how to fire.

These are all the things you’ll learn by starting a blog anyway! As you scale and grow your business, you will get to a point where you can focus purely on two or three aspects of your blog but until you get there, you will have to learn about and implement many different parts of blogging yourself.

Blogging IS the ultimate crash course in how to many money online and many bloggers take the skills they learn and repurpose them for other online ventures.

#6 You can be your own boss

Working for yourself is awesome. Personally, I would rather hustle hard and make $30,000 for myself a year than make $120,000 working for somebody else.

#7 You can live your dream while earning money online

Whatever your dream, whether it’s to travel the world or build a tiny house in the woods and fill it with a dozen children (why!?), blogging gives you the ability to earn money from anywhere, at any time, in the world.

I often work early in the morning, sometimes just in my birthday suit.

Now THAT my friends is freedom.

I work 60 - 80 hours a week, for 3 months at a time, then I hit the road for months of traveling and barely work at all... I love my life.

Best of all, because much of my income streams is focussed on affiliate marketing I can earn money even without working. It’s not like a standard job where you have to turn up to get paid, if I wanted to take the next year off I could and I would continue to earn… However, I want to continue to build my business so I’ll continue working for now!

#8 Blogging can allow you to heal and to grow

I’ll let you guys in on a little secret… I couldn’t read or write until I was seven.

I am dyslexic and as a kid at school my parents would frequently be told by teachers that I was just slow (basically, they thought I was stupid).

This ‘slowness’ coupled with my love of lightsabers and hatred of sitting still, meant that I didn’t learn much in school and I probably spent at least 30% of my time skipping school and building forts in the woods.

My Mum sat me down one day and asked me if I couldn’t read, how would I cope in life. I asked her to help me learn.

And she did. My Mum is a hero and she worked tirelessly to whip me into shape, I was a difficult kid and a troublesome teenager and I owe a lot to her.

I never thought that I would end up doing any kind of job that involved a lot of writing but it turns out I love writing (and reading too).

Blogging is a great tool that can aid you in personal growth and, for me anyway, my blog has acted as an online journal where I can record my epic wins and make sense of epic fails.

#9 Blogging can lead to new opportunities

Blogging definitely opens up the most doors when it comes to expanding into other opportunities.

Unlike running a series of niche sites, blogging gives you access to a proper audience and if you make a name for yourself whilst blogging you will get interview requests, sponsorship offers and brand partnership deals.

Blogging is a great platform for freelancers and allows you to show off your work so that potential clients can see what you can do… Often, when I am hiring writers for TBB the first thing I do is check their blogs. More often than not, the candidates with the best blogs get the gigs.

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Want to take your business to the next level?

Ditch Your Desk subscribers get access to my best content. Period.

#10 You can make a living from blogging

Here’s the kicker… It’s totally possible to make a comfortable living from blogging.

And the best part is that it’s possible to absolutely knock it out of the park and earn a fortune…

Some bloggers are earning seven figures a year and I personally know quite a few folks who are pulling in six figures a year – that’s a lot of money for a job you can do naked!

Got any thoughts or questions? Hit me up in the comments!

10 Replies to “10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog”

  1. The healing and growing part is so true. I was told I had bad communication skills in 10th grade and it saddened me because I knew I wanted to be a writer, author, and blogger into adulthood and that couldn’t happen if I was bad at communicating, right? Well, it appears I’m doing better. 🙂

  2. How exactly is money generated from your blog? I’m still very unclear about that? I understand how money is made in affiliate marketing, & drop shipping, but unclear as to the revenue that is made threw blogging?

    1. Well… My blog is where I HOST my affiliate links that people click through. I use SEO to generate traffic and then aim to throw that traffic at affiliate programs or to make money by selling dropshipped products to that audience – you follow? 🙂

  3. What are your thoughts on over saturation(specifically travel /adventure blogging)? Good to see a start date for you of 2014 and still see success fairly quickly in the scheme of things. Most sites/bloggers I have read say it is an over saturated market and the most successful blogs simply have time in as a reason. Or an perfectly attractive couple half naked on Instagram all the time. Doing research there are endless travel blogs but a lot look rushed and basic and wonder how many give a shit about things like SEO and actually marketing anything. Think hustle and proper marketing can beat out time and a nice ass in ever photo? Think there is still space in the travel/adventure world to be moderately successful? The goal was never to make 7 figures a year or be some famous blogger but a livable income while living my life on my terms and allowing me the freedom to work on other income projects is the dream right?

    1. Travel blogging is saturated, but with hustle and the right business plan there is still plenty of room for success (without getting half-naked on Instagram) 🙂

  4. How inspiring man! This was awesome to read through and I really appreciate your rawness in it as well. You definitely gave me a whole lot of food for thought, so thank you!!

  5. I have experience in traveling for a living. I did it for 20 yrs in a singing group before the internet became so popular. Now that I am married I would love to travel again but haven’t a clue on blogging. Right now hubby is unable to find a job in our area and all doors seem closed. But I don’t know if blogging is a job that is able to support two people and pay the bills. Interesting idea though.

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