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The Easy Way to Set Up Your First Website
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You'll need to set up your domain name first before starting the course.

If you already have your domain, scroll down and start with Module 2!

If you haven't gotten your domain yet - then go to Module 1!

Module 1

Bluehost 101

The most important step - let's get your website live! This Module is great to get a basic understanding of your new site, how it works, and how to connect it to Wordpress.  

Module 2

Crushing Wordpress

Wordpress is going to be your new best friend, so in this module I teach you everything you need to know about navigating (and crushing!) Wordpress. I will show you all of the design hacks and tips you need to know to launch a GORGEOUS website. 

Module 3

Must Have Plugins

Now that your site is designed, we need to add some Plugins to ensure your site is swinging like a champ. This Module will show you the best free and paid plugins, so you can supercharge your new website!

Module 4

Smashing SEO in 2019 and Beyond

SEO is the best way to get traffic to your site and explode its growth. SEO is the primary reason for my business success over the years and in this module, I go in depth into what's working in 2019 and beyond in the exciting world of SEO...

Bonus #1

Ditch Your Desk

'PDF Power Pack'

Some of our best infographics, charts and checklists in one sexy PDF!

Bonus #2

Ditch Your Desk

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My name is Aaron Radcliffe. I am a serial entrepreneur, world traveler, dumpling-enthusiast and Co-Founder of Ditch Your Desk.

I started this course with one goal in mind - to help more people break free from their uninspiring jobs so they can pursue a life of freedom.

If making money online is your dream, then I'm here to show you the ropes and help you make that dream come true!

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