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Are you ready to 
start your first website?

Whether you are starting a blog, an online store, a site for your brick and mortar business or ANYTHING in between - your first website will literally change your life.

But here's the deal. 

In my 6 years of running online businesses and setting up countless websites, I've learned something CRUCIAL about starting a new website. Something that has forever changed the way I start an online business. 

What was this realization?

That you HAVE to set up your website the RIGHT way (and very few people actually know how to do it the right way.)

Which is exactly why I created this

FREE eCourse...

so you can set up your first website up for quick growth and long term success - no matter your experience! 

This excuse-killer FREE eCourse is your personal insider guide, your internet spirit animal if you will... 

I will walk you through the exact process that I use, and reveal every tip, trick and hack I know to help set up a new business quickly, efficiently and successfully. My goal is to help you start your first website like a boss! 

Growing your website does take time ... but this free course will show you how to cut that time in half!


The value of this course and all of the bonuses is $599 ...

Bluehost Coupon - $280 in savings

1 Hour Video Coaching - Worth $220

Bonus material - Worth $99

But we are giving it away 100% free!
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I know my shit and class is in session.

Let me teach you. 

Why we decided to make a FREE  eCourse...

I'm going to be very honest with you - most people charge for this type of content. It takes a TON of time to prepare a video eCourse of this magnitude.

So did we make this course free?

Because everything at Ditch Your Desk™ is 100% free. Co-Founder Will Hatton and myself have been making money online for years and we are, frankly, crushing it.

We are committed to sharing the love, contributing to the Digital Nomad revolution and teaching others how to do the exact same thing!

We want to inspire and motivate you to change your life by pursuing your dreams, and we figured the best way to do that is by giving our most valuable, life-changing content away for free!

There are no more excuses. There are no more 'but's. This is free. This eCourse gives you all the tools you need to succeed!

Today is the day you are going to start your website (and this free course will basically do all of the work for you!)

Here's exactly what you are going to get...

• What You Get with This FREE Course •


A limited time 60% off coupon for Bluehost

All websites need hosting, and I've secured a special deal from our favorite hosting provider - Bluehost!

Enjoy 60% off of your hosting plan with one of the best companies on the market (for this course they dropped the price from $8 to only $3 a month. That's seriously cheap for hosting...) 


Step by Step Bluehost Tutorial Video

Setting up hosting for your website might intimidate you - so to help, I've created a video tutorial to help you every step of the way!

In this step by step video I guide you through the process of setting up your site's hosting - it takes less than 5 minutes!


4 Module 

Video eCourse for Growth

This 4-part video series will show you all the tips, tricks, and hacks that I've learned in my 6 years making money online. 

These videos will set your website up for quick growth and long term success in ways you didn't even know were possible!



Ditch Your Desk™

PDF Power Pack

I've gone through the archives of the TOP DYD blog posts and have put together the 'Ditch Your Desk™ PDF Power Pack'!

This 'Power Pack' has some of the most valuable content DYD has ever produced.... The pack has powerful charts, branded infographics, and some of our favorite checklists. 


Access to the DYD Facebook Group

The Ditch Your Desk™ Facebook group is where all of the magic happens. 


One word. Next-freaking-level-emotional-and-technical-help-and-support

(That's one word, right?)

The Ditch Your Desk™ FB group is where you can interact with other online entrepreneurs - new and experienced!


Bonus Email 'Knowledge Bomb' eCourse

On top of the video course, we have put together a special email sequence to accompany your course!

The mission of these emails? Motivation! The email series perfectly compliments the video series and will provide extra helpful tips while also keeping you accountable.

Trust us, it's awesome.

Why we created 
Ditch Your Desk™

A few years ago something dawned on me.

Here's what happened...

I was making money online, growing my many businesses, traveling the world and living the dream... My online projects were tripling in traffic, income was growing exponentially, and I could live wherever in the world I wanted. Life literally couldn't be any better!

Will and I working on Ditch Your Desk in Pai, Thailand

But then I realized something...

I realized that while I was living the dream, there were so many people who wanted to start a website or an online business - but were intimidated to do so. 

They shared my dream, but didn't know how to take those first steps (which are the most important steps!)

Which is EXACTLY why Will and I created Ditch Your Desk™ - so we could provide a free resource for anyone who wanted to start an online business, be their own boss, and work anywhere in the world. 

• The Four Video Modules •

#1 - Bluehost 101
[1 video - 17 min]

This module is dedicated to showing you EXACTLY set up hosting on Bluehost! Your site will be live in 5 minutes! In this module you'll learn...

  • A step by step tutorial showing you EXACTLY how to set your site up
  • How to then smoothly connect your to Wordpress
  • Some super Bluehost tips

#2 - Crushing Wordpress
[3 videos - 23 min]

The most important decision you can make is picking Wordpress to build your website. And I'll show you how to take Wordpress to another stratosphere.

  • Navigating Wordpress 101 [this one is crucial!]
  • My favorite design hacks for Wordpress
  • Why Wordpress [and why NOT Squarespace or Wix]

#3 -Must Have Plugins

[2 videos - 17 min]

Wordpress Plugins are simple to use and can give your website superhero powers. These are the Plugins that will EXPLODE your growth

  • My 5 favorite FREE Wordpress Plugins of 2019
  • My 2 favorite PREMIUM Wordpress Plugins of 2019

#4 - SEO Like a Boss

[3 videos - 19 min]

If you want to really grow your site - SEO is the best option (oh - and it can be 100% free!). In this module I share my most important tips for learning SEO in 2019

  • My favorite FREE SEO Software [there are some hidden gems in this one] 
  • My favorite PREMIUM SEO Software
  • The truth about SEO in 2019 [what very few people will tell you]

Get instant access to this FREE eCourse now!

Get $599 worth of step by step videos that will show you EXACTLY how to get your website live and SEXY (as well as help you catapult your website's growth!).

This won't stay FREE for long...

What people are saying:

"The guys at DYD are the only ones I've seen who are willing to spill industry secrets with complete transparency.

Do I love that they're fueling my competition? Nope. But they're the ones paving the way for a more educated world of business owners, and I can't fault them for that. Not one bit"

JEREMY SCOTT FOSTER  //  World Famous Travel Blogger - Travel Freak

"For the most valuable and up-to-date information on how you can become a successful entrepreneur - look to Ditch Your Desk.

If you're looking for the ultimate financial and creative freedom to be who you want to be, whilst making an awesome difference in this world, Will and Aaron are the guys to look to.  

ALICE TEACAKE  //  World Famous Travel Blogger -Teacake Travels

"Ditch Your Desk's content is a game changer

Before I discovered DYD, I was fumbling in the dark; unable to find any truly effective online learning resource for pursuing a location independent, entrepreneurial career.

Sure there were various guides, but they either only covered the bare basics of SEO, the kind one could learn in a week or they assumed so much prior knowledge that it was like trying to read in another language.

Since I’ve been using DYD, I’ve noticed my productivity soar: learning relevant and vital skills with DYD is easy because I don’t have to sift through useless information: they cut straight to the chase, allowing me more time to put those gems of wisdom into practice. Thanks!"

ALEX HATTON  //  Founder of Diving Squad

This eCourse will help you take

 the first step to ultimate freedom

Is this course right for you? 

Let's examine who this course is FOR, and who it's NOT for...

Hell yes!

  • You want to break free from your job and live a life of freedom by making money online
  • You want to start your first website (set up for long term success!)
  • You have little to NO computer experience and would love the technical process to be as simple as possible
  • You like free things
  • You are ready to dedicate yourself to your new project

Maybe not...

  • You have no interest in making a website
  • You are a computer-tech-savvy-guru-wizard-person
  • You have no interest in making money online 
  • You have been making money online for a while
  • You aren't into learning new skills that can help you create new streams of income and change your life


This course is for you if you are ready to start your first website. Case closed. 


My name is Aaron Radcliffe. I am a serial entrepreneur, marketer, world traveler, dumpling-enthusiast and the Co-Founder of Ditch Your Desk.

I started this course with one goal in mind - to help more people break free from their BS jobs so they can pursue a life of freedom.

If making money online is your dream, then I'm here to show you how easy and attainable that dream actually is!

Aaron Radcliffe

Look at what people are saying...

And check out their websites (blue links)
that they made with the help of this eCourse!

"Aaron has helped me so much!

I have very little computer experience and didn’t know where to start for my website. After Aaron’s training I can confidently run my website by myself. It’s super exciting that I can a) see the rewards of being in charge of my own site and b) know that it was set up correctly Thanks Aaron!"

TORI MATSON  //  Owner of Beacon Dental Laboratory

"Aaron's lessons were so important!

I had no experience with websites, but Aaron's lessons taught me everything I needed to know to make a website for my violin studio! Now my website is very beautiful (if I may say so!) and very easy to maintain"

ALEJA GONZALEZ  //  Founder of Soul Violin Studio

"Ditch Your Desk is sincere

Of all of resources out there Ditch Your Desk by Aaron Radcliffe and Will Hatton is the most informative and SINCERE!"

MOLLY CLARK  //  World Traveler

What you will miss if you DON'T take this course...
(aside from getting it FREE while it lasts...)

- The opportunity to Ditch Your Desk and start making money online

- The rare chance to have someone coach you on how to set up a website (and for FREE!)

- Access to free video content that will teach you the TRUTH about making money online

- Exclusive advice for how to grow your website in 2019 and beyond!

- The PDF Power Pack and other limited bonus content

- The pride and satisfaction of challenging yourself!    :)

The excuses end NOW. Let's get your first project live!

There are no results without action. If you are reading this it's because you are ready to start your first online project.

I'm here to tell you that you absolutely can do it. And with the help of this eCourse there will be nothing stopping you.

If you want to start an online business, 
you're going to need a website. 
And there is no better
(or free-er) course on the internet than this one

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